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We’d love to put as many things in your hands as we can to help the next generation.

Free Downloads

Connection Tools Sheet

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One-Sheet Refrigerator Print Out of The Seen Connection Tools

Feelings Wheel

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The feelings wheel mentioned in SEEN is a helpful tool to help kids and teens emotionally exhale.

Audio Book Downloads

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Application Exercises and Appendix Tools from SEEN

Appendix 1 Self Harm

Appendix 2 Suicide Prevention

Just Listen Application Exercises

See Them Application Exercises

Show Up Application Exercises

Develop Grit Application Exercises

Speak Life Application Exercises

Check Out Our New Video Course for Parents

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Parenting With Mental Health In Mind: A Parent’s Guide for Every Kid

After taking this course, you’ll feel more confident and equipped to help your kid or teen navigate any current or future emotional health challenges. Specifically, you’ll learn the psychology of what’s going on in your kid’s brain and science-based, practical tools to help your kid navigate a mental health crisis and the best way for you to support them. The course is a great companion to the two books written by Will Hutcherson and Dr. Chinwé Williams. You will feel not only empowered and equipped to meet your kid’s mental health challenge head on, you’ll also have hope that you’re supporting your kid in the way they need most.


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